Keepers Of The Deep

The Keepers Of The Deep radio show started 2 years ago as an outlet for some like minded djs to share their sound. Deep C, Leon S Kemp, DJ V from Chicago, Phillip Charles were the original djs, soon to follow were Silvio Rodrigues, Robert Stephen, Chris Udoh, DJ Thor & many others. The Keepers have grown into a vast network of deep minded DJ’s spanning the 4 corners of the globe. There’s only 1 rule, music with feeling.

Keepers Of The Deep Creed. Since the earliest days of modern civilization, a secret society of brothers and sisters joined together by spirit, dance, and love. They have been entrusted with a secret knowledge passed down from their ancestors to ward off inconsistencies in the universal vibration which is there to divide us. Let No Man Put Us Under was an original chant used by the Keepers to bring about harmony in this house that we call Jack. The Keepers now use this knowledge to spread love through tones found in their music which raises the vibrations of all living beings who hear it.

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